Caught on Camera: A Love Affair with Lentils

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I may have confessed in a previous post that I am a lentils fangirl. Friends, I offer proof. I’m not even going to give you a recipe today. Trust me, that will come later.


Yep. I do believe I have a legitimate Lentils & Dried Beans collection, plus some rice and Israeli couscous to round things out on the shelves over my stove. You know you might have a problem when you start planning how best to showcase your impressive array of colorful dried legumes.

In case you’re wondering, I acquired the neat, stack-able Anchor Hocking glass jars at Target.  A note of warning: if you like them enough to purchase them for your own gratuitous foodstuffs display, I’d recommend checking that the lid fits snugly on each jar before buying them. A couple that I bought didn’t have well-fitted lids unfortunately.

IMG_5340 IMG_5313 IMG_5329 IMG_5322

My love affair with lentils started the first time I ventured into an Indian grocery store and I saw an entire wall lined floor-to-ceiling with different lentil varieties and dried legumes. Trying Indian food is a great introduction to lentils. Shopping at an Indian grocery store is a great way to get involved in a complex and passionate relationship with lentils.

Don’t worry, my husband is totally cool with this particular type of extramarital affair.

IMG_5333 IMG_5297 IMG_5286 IMG_5270

The colors! The textures! The flavors! The nutritiousness! The budget-friendly price-tag! What’s not to love, I ask you?

IMG_5249 IMG_5265 IMG_5253 IMG_5278

So tell me, readers: do you think of lentils as a mysterious pantry item with an infinite shelf life, only to be brought out in desperation for sludgy brown soups? Do you want to know the basics of preparing them? Do you want a breakdown of the properties and appropriate uses of the different varieties? What kinds of recipes are you interested in?

IMG_5259 IMG_5282 IMG_5257 IMG_5290

I’ll tell you one thing I still don’t know and would like to learn — I don’t know how to grow them and harvest them. Hopefully I’ll have a yard or homestead some day so I can get back to you on that (although, I read somewhere that it is possible to grow lentil plants in pots!).

5 Thoughts on “Caught on Camera: A Love Affair with Lentils

  1. Linda hayward on January 28, 2014 at 12:56 am said:

    Ready for some recipes that you and Karl enjoy with lentils. …brown sludgy ( great description) is not my favorite! But would love to branch out!

  2. OMG Look how organized you are!
    Beautiful supply.
    Lentils are superfoods, but sometimes hard for me to like.
    My grandmother used to make this dish with butternut squash, I think green lentils and curry that was sweet and aromatic, truly delicious. I’ve been trying to make it, but haven’t cracked the code yet. If I do, I’m going to post it! xo

    • Mmm, curried butternut squash and lentils! Sounds lovely – I’ll keep an eye out for similar recipes, but I hope you discover the secret to your grandmother’s recipe soon!

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